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We want to express our appreciation for the tremendous job that the Touch point family and friends did for our Solomon’s Island Family Day cookout. Special thanks to Deaconess Marlene, Trustee Earl, Rev. Hikmat, all those that contributed food items, and our guest cook; Anthony Harkley for coordinating a wonderful meal and activities. We also thank George, Carletta, and Shannan Eaddy for leading us in a great time of praise and worship, and thanks to all that invited friends and family allowing us to have a great turnout for the day.

It was of course with very mixed emotions that we came together for our final service with a desire to fellowship together one last time, but also to celebrate the connection that has been forged between us. We are more confident than ever that God will continue to use the members of Touch Point to be a blessing to others and continue the work of ministry that he started in our church. We were encouraged by the testimonies given regarding the blessing that Touch Point has been in the lives of so many.

As was emphasized, we now have the opportunity to go to the next level in our Christian development by taking the lessons learned and the love experienced, at Touch Point, to new areas of ministry and fellowship. I and my family will forever be thankful for the privilege God has given us in serving you in ministry, and we so appreciate the love and support shown even during our last months. I will always be one of the pastor’s in your life, and we encourage you to keep in touch!

We will continue to lift you up in prayer and ask that you do the same for us!

Love, Pastor Nat, Regina & Family